Feb. 26, 2016

10: How you can Earn More by being a Micro Niche with Kevin Jans

10: How you can Earn More by being a Micro Niche with Kevin Jans



Find out how you can become a market leader, charge a premium and make a ton of money with little competition!

In this episode I pick the brains of Kevin Jans, President of Skyway Acquisition Solutions a company that has helped their Clients Win More than $1 Billion in Government Contracts. Kevin is also the Host of the Contracting Officer Podcast . He is an author and a TEDx Speaker.


What you will learn:

  • Why becoming a ‘micro niche’ is the way to become a market leader
  • How niching down will help you scale your business quicker
  • Why targeting a specific niche market will help you win more clients with smaller budget
  • The advantages and disadvantages of running a government contract business
  • Why you are the prize and not your clients
  • How to get rid of most of your competitors
  • How you can charge a premium rate for what you do
  • Why you should give away lot’s of  free content
  • Why it’s worth risking your ‘stable’ job
  • How you can multiply your time
  • Why you should start a podcast
  • How to have a balance between work and family
  • How to stay productive working from home


Interesting highlights:

  • Kevin was a pet photographer
  • Kevin is very involved in his children’s lives
  • Kevin runs a highly successful company from home
  • Kevin’s kids gave up their playroom to make him an office


Kevin’s #1 practical advice:

Resources & Links:


You can contact Kevin:

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Email: KevinJans@skywayacquisition.com

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