Feb. 23, 2016

09: How to work SMARTER not Harder with Simcha Gluck

09: How to work SMARTER not Harder with Simcha Gluck



Have you ever wondered how super successful entrepreneurs get MORE done with less effort?

In this episode I pick the brains of Simcha Gluck, the Co- Author of the Game Changing book “The New Entrepreneurz – changing the way you play life.”

Simcha is a serial entrepreneur, musician, snowboarder, family man and was the Radio Talk Show Host of “Innovation Nation”

Simcha has worked with over 50,000 people around the globe, through his FreshBiz game based training programs which focus on TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP, CREATIVITY & INNOVATION.


What you will learn:

  • How to work SMARTER not harder
  • Why entrepreneurship is not just about business
  • How to become an entrepreneurial thinker
  • How to become more rather than have more
  • Why everyone can win in the game of business
  • How to leverage the resources you never knew you had
  • Why business is like a game and how to have some serious fun
  • Why access trumps ownership
  • How to turn ideas into reality


Interesting highlights:

  • Simcha was a hip hop dancer
  • Simcha made $3000 a month taking his son for a walk
  • Simcha and his wife sold $1.3 million worth of knives
  • Simcha has over 100 trainers in 15 countries running training seminars
  • Simcha’s mission to play a game with Richard Branson on his island


Simcha’s #1 practical advice:

Resources & Links:

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