Feb. 19, 2016

08: How Mindfulness will make you Super Productive with Yaakov Lehman

08: How Mindfulness will make you Super Productive with Yaakov Lehman
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How do you stay cool and calmwhilst beingsuper productive?

In this episode I pick the brains of Yaakov Lehman - founder of Wisdom Tribe.

Yaakov is one of the mostchilled yethighly productive entrepreneurs I have met.

He has managed to attract some of the most influential business people to his mindfulness events. People like Fred Kofman - the Vice President of Linkedin,  Clinton Libbey - the global business developer  at Google, Shari Arison - the2nd richest woman in the middle east and many others.

Yaakov is also the co-founder of Israel APP and has been involved in many projects such as Chilla Vista, Forest Foundation and Wisdom 2.0



What you will learn:

  • How mindfulness can help you become more successful in business and in life
  • How to live a quality lifestyle in a fast paced, high tech world
  • How to stay calm and serene in a stressful environment
  • How to attract the most powerful people into your business
  • How to build deep powerful and meaningful relationships
  • How to pitch your  product/service with confidence
  • How to know if your prospect is interested in what you are offering them
  • How becoming a better listener will help you become a master in sales
  • Why meditating daily can help you become more productive
  • Why being authentic will open more doors for you


Interesting highlights:

  • Produced 'Chilla Vista'- a music festival run on bio diesel, solar energy, farmers market and community currency
  • Over 100 University students earned 4 units of credit for running a music festival
  • Took a veggie powered bus  - powered by french fry oil across the United States
  • Yaakov can sleep 3 hours and still be super productive
  • Our attention span is less than a goldfish!
  • Yaakov beat-boxes right at the end


Yaakov’s #1 practical advice:




Resources & Links:


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