Feb. 14, 2016

07: How to Get More Clients using Adwords with Laura Moxham

07: How to Get More Clients using Adwords with Laura Moxham


Have you thought about getting more clients with Google Adwords?

In this episode I have with me Google Adwords Expert Laura Moxham. Laura has been awarded Entrepreneur of the month by Entrepreneurs Circle.
She is the founder of Your Business Angels an internet marketing agency that has been Awarded Top 5% Adwords Performers!

Laura is also the owner of Tech Angels, an Award-Winning home and small business computer support company currently serving thousands of clients.

What you will learn:
• How to use Google Adwords to grow your business
• How to get good PR on a tiny budget
• Is PR still important nowadays
• Why relevancy is key when it comes to doing an ad campaign
• Should you manage your own Adwords campaign
• How to compete against companies with much larger budgets
• What kind of ROI should you expect with Adwords
• Should you invest in SEO or Adwords
• Why it can save you a lot of time by hiring an expert in your field
• Why it’s crucial to invest a small amount to keep your clients happy
• What you should start doing today to get started with Adwords

Interesting highlights:

• Laura’s Father sold out to Carphone Warehouse
• 40% of people click on the ads on the first page of Google
• Laura worked with a company who spent £70,000 a month on adwords
• Laura grew her brother’s company to over 4000 customers using adwords
• Laura was trained by the #1 Google Adwords expert
• I received a little surprise in my mailbox from Laura


Laura’s #1 practical advice:


Resources & Links:
Your Business Angels - Laura's Adwords Agency
Tech Angels - Laura's PC Repair Company
Perry Marshall  - Google Adwords Expert


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