Feb. 8, 2016

06: How to Rapidly Grow Your Business using Joint Ventures with Dov Gordon

06: How to Rapidly Grow Your Business using Joint Ventures with Dov Gordon

Have you ever wondered how you can scale your business massively without investing tons of money in marketing?

In this episode  I pick the brains of the Alchemist Entrepreneur Dov Gordon. Dov explains how being part of a Mastermind Group and doing Joint Ventures has rapidly grown his business.
Dov has helped tons of businesses gain a consistent flow of ideal clients. He runs a highly successful mastermind group which currently has over 100 active members including some of the brightest brains in business.


What you will learn:

• Why you should join a mastermind group
• How a mastermind group can radically grow your business
• How to contact high net worth CEO’s
• How to massively grow your client base with Joint Ventures
• How to get started with Joint Ventures
• Big thinking VS small minded mentality
• Stop acting out of fear
• Why you don’t need more information but rather more mastery
• How to build a system that will get you a consistent flow of clients
• How to attract ideal clients
• Hiring the right coach/advisor
• The importance of focusing on your strengths
• How to rapidly grow your email subscribers list

Interesting highlights:

• Why Dov invests tens of thousands of dollars on coaching groups
• Dov explains why he hasn’t updated his website in years
• Dov has 11,000 email subscribers


Dov’s #1 practical advice:  


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