Jan. 31, 2016

04: Boost your Business using Facebook Ads with Aaron Zakowski

04: Boost your Business using Facebook Ads with Aaron Zakowski

If you want to Skyrocket your business through Facebook Ads then you must listen to this episode! Today I have Facebook Marketing Expert Aaron Zakowski!

Aaron is the CEO of Zammo Digital, a Facebook Ads agency focused on helping Startups accelerate growth and achieve scale through Facebook Ads.  Aaron has spent over $1 million on Facebook ads and has generated over 200,000 new sign ups and leads for his clients. His clients include – eBay, InVision, Webydo, Cuisineart, Treehouse, Viewbix and many others.

What you will learn:

  • How to use Facebook to grow your business
  • Do people buy stuff on Facebook?
  • How to use Retargeting to get more clients
  • How to create warm leads with free valuable content
  • Why your email list is your most valuable asset
  • Is it worth spending money on Facebook ads?
  • What budget should you start with?
  • Facebook Groups or Pages which is better to focus on?
  • Do Facebook Contests work?
  • Does Facebook work for B2B?
  • How to laser focus you marketing with custom audiences
  • Why it’s so important to focus on a tight niche
  • How to use Snapchat to grow your audience
  • Why you must start building your personal brand


Interesting highlights:

  • Email is still the #1 way to gain more clients
  • Use ‘lookalike’ audiences to rapidly grow your client base
  • The importance of being authentic



Aaron’s #1 practical advice:



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