Jan. 20, 2016

02: From Salesrep to Raising $1.5 Million for His New Startup with Reuven Jacob

02: From Salesrep to Raising $1.5 Million for His New Startup with Reuven Jacob

Reuven started out as a low paid salesrep and was responsible for increasing the turnover of a food distribution company by 500%!

He then launched and grew a Vacation Planning Service which currently lists over 140,000 hotels.

And now in his latest project he has just managed to raise $1.5 million for his new startup Healthpro.com



What you will learn:


  • Going from Idea to Launch
  • How to find a mentor to help guide you build a successful business
  • How to network to get investors onboard
  • Learn the step by step process Reuven took to launch his online business
  • Finding the right people to build a super team
  • An ‘unorthodox’ way to find out exactly what your competitors are doing
  • What is your MVP? (Minimum Viable Product)
  • What investors want to see when you are presenting your idea
  • How to motivate people to complete surveys so you know what they want before you spend time & money on your product/service


Interesting highlights:


  • Reuven calls his investor’s wife a pig!
  • Reuven reveals how much money he spent on his website (make sure you’re sitting down!)
  • The craziest idea for a business you will probably hear



Reuven's #1  Advice:


Resources & Links:

  •  Slack – most efficient way to communicate with your team
  •  Invisionapp – Save time and money when looking to build a website with this wireframe app
  • Salesforce – Manage sales
  • Hubspot – Create an email automation process & track potential clients
  • Linkedin – Reuven used Linkedin to network and source the right people
  • Typeform - Create fun surveys with in depth analytics
  • Healthpro.com - All-In-One Scheduling, Billing and Marketing Solution


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