Jan. 19, 2016

00: My Story – From Store Cashier to Successful Entrepreneur

00: My Story – From Store Cashier to Successful Entrepreneur

Hi and welcome to my very first episode where I will be sharing my personal story with you.

The highs the lows. My successes and my failures.

I'm really excited to be on this journey with you where I will be picking the brains of other successful entrepreneurs so you can apply mindset tricks and game changing tactics that will help you become unstoppable!


What you will learn:


  • My personal story
  • How I went from 6 figure salary to getting evicted from my home
  • How I went from grocery cashier to successful entrepreneur
  • The importance of having a business mentor
  • My experience with investors and why you may be better off without one
  • Going from doing everything in my business to fully automating it
  •  The reason why I outsourced my whole business
  • How I got my business to completely run itself
  • Why persistence really does pay
  • Why I started this podcast


Interesting highlights:

  • Getting kicked out of my apartment with my wife and child
  • I ran my company out of a hotel lobby for over a year
  • The darkest day in my career


My #1  Advice:


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