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James Arthur Ray 

"Daniel Gefen is the Howard Stern of the podcasting industry"

Aaron Janx, Top Sales Coach

"I have been on over 50 podcasts but Daniel Gefen is king of the podcast"

Louie La Vella, Branding expert

"Daniel is a great host, he does his research and asks the right questions to make it easy for you"

Yanik Silver, author- Evolved Enterprise

"I have been interviewed hundreds of times but was impressed by Daniel's ability to go deep and ask the right questions. It was a pleasure to be a guest on his show"

Verne Harnish, Keynote Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, World thought leader

"Daniel is a podcasting pro. He’s a fantastic host to work with, and he surfaces some of the most brilliant minds across a dizzying array of industries. A must listen!"

Darren Murph, Director, Global Communications at Dolby

"I have been a guest on hundreds of podcasts but Daniel's show was special. He did intense research into who I am and because of that we went deeper than any other show I have been on. He has an incredible sense of humor and we had a good laugh too. Was an absolute pleasure to be his guest"

Sue B Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert

"Daniel is a gifted podcaster who has a great skill at getting the most value for his listeners - I recommend you be on his show if you get a chance."

Anil Gupta, Author - Immediate Happiness

"Daniel Gefen hits the mark with his mindset-focused business show aimed squarely at entrepreneurs who want to learn from others who've beaten the same path. Success starts with your inner game and that's where this show will help you. Amazing guests, thought-provoking questions, and revealing answers are what's waiting inside. Subscribe and you'll be hooked!."

Jay Menez, author | filmmaker | entrepreneur

Testimonials From Podcast Hosts

Dennis Langlais
Host of the 5 minute bark podcast
Elena Lipson
Host of the Boost podcast

"Daniel is an absolutely brilliant storyteller.

He has a unique ability to tell stories in a way that grabs your attention and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, all the while, teaching you a concept or lesson in a way that sticks."

Michael Carbone, The Unleash Yourself Podcast

"I highly recommend having Daniel on as a guest for your show. He was real, genuine, and you can tell he loves what he does. He gave clear actionable steps that provided so much value to my audience. Thanks Daniel for being such an awesome guest!"

Ellie Heintze, The Daily Cup Show