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18: Special Guest Sunday with Mitch Goldstein

Today’s guest is Rabbi Mitch Goldstein.

Mitch talks about:

-His Secret for Success
-Why you have to overcome self-pity and become selfless
-Why he left the UK and moved to the United States

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137: Why You Shouldn’t Start a Podcast with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger was podcasting before anyone knew what a podcast was.

At his peak he was doing over 4 million downloads a month!

I actually messed up for the first time and it had to be with one of the top podcasters in the world (oh well)

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15: Playfulness

They came in with guns and yelled to hand over the money.

The old man opened the cash register.

A noise in the back of the store startled the robbers and they opened fire spraying the old man with bullets.

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12: Special Guest Sunday with Avery Ratz

Introducing Special Guest Sunday . Today we’re accompanied by Avery Ratz. He is a world renowned Facebook ads expert who just returned from hospital after getting stitched from doing the dishes!

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136: Legends and Losers with Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead and I candidly talk about being candid among other things, like being bipolar, picking up cigarette buds of the street and eating ‘Cholent’ 

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