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142: How to Do Less to Achieve More with Ari Meisel

He’s been called the most efficient man alive.

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Ari Meisel about doing less and achieving more.

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67: Daddy is Always Watching

I went to my son’s school

God is watching us with so much joy

When we are aware of the fact that He is there watching us, Then we can enjoy our lives knowing that someday we’re going to see Him soon.

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66: Turn Every Situation into an Opportunity

Yesterday, somebody blocked me in linkedIn.

People are going to hit you. People are going to take opportunities to attack you and push you down and try to stop you on your tracks.

I took a negative situation and turned it into an opportunity

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64: Applying the 80-20 Rule

Have you heard the saying “Turnover is vanity but profit is sanity”?

Views don’t pay the bills

If you know what the 80% that is not contributing to the results, you need to cut them out

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63: Nike, Karate, and My Gut

I actually went to karate for the first time after 17 years

It’s all about focused energy and the use of gut which is the foundation

If you got a strong foundation, you can withstand anything

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62: The Journey is the Destination

I get low days from time to time

The unknown is the scariest thing

When there’s too much pressure built up, there’s need to be de-pression

Love isn’t limited, it’s infinite

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61: Let’s Start a Conversation

When people interact with you, they expect you interact back

People don’t want to be sold to, People don’t want to be promoted to

Switch the word “Marketing” to “Conversations”

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